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Garrulismo demos [-complevel 2]

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So I discovered this wonderful megawad yesterday thanks to a coop event in ZDaemon, went to DSDA and found... 2 demos for it. "That's just inexcusable!", I thought, so I made this thread. :)

Let's start with MAP24 UV-Max in 5:09


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welcome to the jungle, welcome to the juuuungle!
Nice run and the wad looks interesting. I lol'd at midi though :D

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Yeah, there are some weird music choices in this wad (check out map26 :D). I kinda like them.

MAP02 UV-Max in 1:50


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Memfis said:

...this wonderful megawad...

It makes sense for me you liked it - it is so Marswar-like (look at that MAP04). Something in the past drove me away though... probably these nazis used everywhere as regular monsters.

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It made me think of Marswar too. :) I somehow got used to nazis after playing this author's other works and now I see them as interesting enemies - similar to chaingunners but not so brutal.
Perhaps you will find this graphic patch useful (replaces nazis with zombies from Herian).

MAP15 UV-Max in 7:15


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