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Interception demos (-complevel 2)

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ir = Icarus with -respawn I think? There are no such demos for Icarus though. :) But still, maybe some different naming convention should be used. How about CE?

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I used itxxYYYY for Icarus Tyson (you usually get more than 10 minutes demos), but Andy and j4rio prefer icxxtYYYY. And as you noticed, no Icarus respawns, so no problem with "ir" for me. OTOH, "ce" is used, but in a different way, and is rare :)

cl2X-TTT    UV Speed/Max            X: 1-9, T: 0-9
cn2X-TTT    NM Speed                X: 1-9, T: 0-9
ce2-TTTT    UV Speed/Max Movie      T: 0-9
c2tyTTTT    UV Tyson Movie          T: 0-9
c2XTTTTT    Nomonsters              X: 1-9, T: 0-9

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Okay then. :) Anyways, this wad is still a bit bugged (for example, I just wanted to record an obligatory map01 uv-max and noticed that HK often fails to teleport) and probably will be updated soon, so don't hurry with recording people.

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Plut boy Shouldnt we start a demopack here;)
Whitemar almost got done...and this is quite exciting wad for recording....more are coming from me atleast:D


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More Demos of some of Interceptions shorter maps:


MAP02 UV-Max in 3:34 (-cl9)

MAP03 UV-Max in 3:18 (-cl2)

MAP04 UV-Max in 1:54 (-cl2)

MAP07 UV-Max in 3:03 (-cl2)

MAP30 UV-Max in 0:35 (-cl2)


Not too sure about the MAP30 one, there were no preplaced monsters in this map so if it doesn't qualify as UV-Max, then UV-Speed should suffice.



ir 02 03 04 07 30.zip

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