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Plutonia No Monsters demo pack.[DONE]

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map08 in 21 seconds. doomdaniel95 pointed out that Hock has a 23 second demo (it's on DSDA), and I remembered that I made a 22 seconds one a long time ago (never submitted for whatever reason).


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Nice glide on MAP08, odyssey! You make that look easy.

Also Clumsydoomer, I noticed that Hock has a demo in 0:40 for MAP09 on DSDA.

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Map 27 in 0:53, lots of bumps. Nice one so far lads and lasses, only two maps and then improvements too go. I'll compile the rest soon and await further submissions. Then we'll start Plutonia 2 (if you're up for it, I mentioned in the first post quite a bit ago).


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I saw the thread, saw a blank spot, and thought I'd drop in.

Map03 in 0:58

Hope this helps you guys out =) Took 3 tries to get the jump, lol.


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