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Plutonia - Built TAS Nomo Demopack (WIP)

I'm working at a new project - Plutonia BT (built tas) demopack. I planned starting the UV movie, but nomo is more entertaining and reaching the top time is easier. I made some of never seen times (see below), but I have some problems with map14 - can't make the teleport-no-stuck trick (it would save enough time for 14). I'm going to make everything myself, but you can send your demo (just for me to copy the route :D). I'm creating the thread just for discussion of these demos and possible tricks, asking help and other.
Would be nice to see some help from TASers!

Time (ready maps only)

Map14____0:15 (but very close to 14)
Map21____0:02 (yeaah, Slayer in 2s!!)
The attachment contains all the demos + map14 wip demo.

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