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Speed Run Battle - Session #1

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Oops! I did, my bad. I really gotta pay more attention. Yes Captains and Speedrunners are the same thing, except captains get the privilige of picking the members of their team.

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Creaphis said:

If the contest was to record one decent speedrun (or two speed-speedruns) in 2-3 hours then I'd be able to take part. I'll never have the energy or time for 12 consecutive hours of a challenge like this.

Think of it like 32in24. You can just record all seven of your demos one after the other and submit them as they are once you're done. You don't have to stick around unless of course you'd like some advice from your teammates and/or definitely want to win! You don't have to be in attendance the whole time, but you may if you'd like.

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Well, fuck this. I'm out.

On the other hand, the waiting gave some motivation to play doom2 again :-)

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