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Fava Beans demos [-complevel 3]

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Fava Beans E1M1 UV-Max in 1:13
E1M2 UV-Max in 1:26
E1M3 UV-Max in 1:57

E1M1 Pacifist in 0:31
E1M3 UV-Speed in 0:38 (New trick)
E1M9 Nightmare Speed in 0:04
E1M9 Nightmare 100S in 0:22

I did a few others, but I want to fix a few ugly mistakes first (particularly an episode 1 speed run).


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NoobBait said:

Fava Beans E1M1 UV-Max in 1:13...

Very nice, especially E1M3 Max, only 40 cells and 2 rockets, and very efficiently used! And "why no-one else plays this WAD", maybe because it´s 2012 and there´s dozens of E1 replacements available now...

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Fava Beans E1M1 UV Max 1:53. Comes with some mistakes mentioned in the text file. On one previous recording I would've got around 1:48 but missed a monster sadly. Will improve this at a later date I think. Complevel 3.


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Some random stuff from last November I never got around to improving

E1M1 nightmare in 0:33, nightmare 100% secrets in 0:55, nomo 0:27
E1M2 nightmare 100% secrets in 1:11


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