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Perdition's Gate demos [-complevel 2]

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Perdition's Gate MAP32 UV-Max in 1:48

The only map from the "old demos era" which wasn't improved, so I took care of it. The teleporter is here is completely unreliable and it WILL screw up good demos. Included is my best attempt, which the teleporter managed to destroy.

Edit: Reuploading my demo since small mistake on text file.


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i thought i'd split perdgate into a separate thread, but so far there have been just about 3 demos in misc #2, so i've split fava beans instead. if you think a (mega)wad deserves its own thread or just enough demos are made for it, let me or vdgg know. misc #1 posts are unsplittable without direct database tinkering by bloodshedder, so don't take those into account.

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Rizera said:

Perdition's Gate MAP29 UV-Max in 2:21

Perdition's Gate MAP29 UV-Max in 2:05

Just one of the many old demos I have sitting in my PC that I planned to improve, but I never did...


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GrumpyCat said:

Map30 Pacifist 0:23
0:22 would be not hard.

I already did 22 Pacifist for a future demo pack.

Might as well link to it now here. Everybody is welcome to join, all categories are welcome. The pack will probably go on until ever UV-Speed is done and every max is improved (unless there are levels that are impossible to improve/do), and perhaps further if there is enough interest. If you want to submit demos, I could share the drive folder and spreadsheet with you or you could send me download links for your demos, and I'll manually add them in. In any case, I think a link to this should be on Doomworld, as I wouldn't want anyone to record a run for some map that has already been done in the demo pack.

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GrumpyCat said:

Well, good to know =)
What is the difference (if any) between pg-raw and pg-raw-x
and which one to choose?

Personally, I don't know the difference. I think all the demos I recorded with pg-raw play back with pg-raw-x as well, so I don't think there's a difference. I use pg-raw, though.

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MD922 said:

Update: Perdition's Gate Map 24 Nomo in 11.86 with cl2
pg24o011 is the cl9, pg24o011 (2) is cl2 demo.

Why not submit demos to the demo pack? All you have to do is make a Gmail account and PM your account name to me on Doomworld so I can share the Drive folder/spreadsheet with you. :) Either that or you're welcome to send me Mediafire links or something like that and I'll add the info to the spreadsheet myself.

I didn't really try for that 12; I was just doing it to demonstrate the route (same with my map 32 nomo in 22, but I already got that to what I believe to be a good time). Anyway, your route isn't optimal here; I got 10.74.

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