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100Lines Demos [-complevel 9]

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Ah, thanks for reminding me about unfinished business. Fisrt exit maxes for my maps for the supreme good and happiness worldwide.

100LineN map05 - 3:41
100LineN map12 - 3:24
100LineN map19 - 4:58


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4shockblast said:

100LineN Map 02 Pacifist in 0:06.57. Cool AVJ route.

hah, crafty :)

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Cyberdemon531 said:

No, not yet, but currently going through them in the routing process.

Even a TAS will be good. Because you still get to watch something epic.

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Map 25 UV-Max in 1:47


(Previous record is 2:40.*)






*Transparent attempt at justifying why anyone should even download this demo. :D Uh, there's also a face rocket! And also revenants. Get your revenants here, five for a dollar. 



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