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Bloodite Krypto

The Selfish Series (Boom Edition) demos [-complevel 9]

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Well I read the 'Demo Forums' sticky regarding posting new threads and considering this has been overlooked entirely and I'm sure it'll generate interest I've decided to craft a new thread. It's not even listed on Paul Corfiatis site or even on DSDA.

This was a 7 level wad created around 2004-2005 I believe, then this revamped Boom edition with an original soundtrack and various updates was released in 2009, but it was apparently not announced or went completely off radar. The design and gameplay is reminiscent of 2002 A Doom Odyssey but for Doom II, the maps sport some hectic combat with a continual trend of surprise ambushes, however the generous secrets make this ideal for speedrunning.


Here's the first map :o

MAP01 - UV-Max in 2:08


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Well that's a surprise :o Still no demos though!

Christ I just took a look at 04, that's legitimately challenging.

MAP02 - UV-Max in 4:49

This one was tough, too many critical things can go wrong near the start and mid points.


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MAP04 - UV-Max in 7:12

Ah the dreaded Haunted Base! Crikey this was a killer, plenty of AV traps and ambushes along with careful ammo management needed. The yellow key area sucks in general.. Great tune as well ;)

Some really weird stuff happens as well, like a Chaingunner shooting a barrel behind me and a resurrected Sergeant who got stuck on a door xD Then a Lost Soul killed a Caco at just the right moment.

I'd say UV Speed and UV -Fast is viable for this set, Pacifist doesn't seem possible and NM Speed would be pushing it.


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LOL, This level was originally intedned [sic] for Plutonia 2 but that project has been dead for 2 years, I'm not going to waste levels for dead projects. (pcorf)

UV Speed for MAP01 exist (record is 1:05), these contest demos play back with bselfish.wad (I may be repeating myself, but I'm not sure if I was clear in my post before)

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Oh sorry well I looked at that competition site and saw a vague list regarding a competition for this wad set..

Yep it's not this wad, you played the entire Selfish Series (self-ep) but it wasn't this improved Boom edition so I'm not sure the demos are compatible.

What's very strange is if you find 'Self-Ep' on /idgames it's a mini wad with only 3 maps, not the above.

EDIT: Well it turns out the archive has been updated with all 7 maps but it doesn't state it, so you'd have no idea unless you read the comments section.

Their is nothing on DSDA under the title 'bselfish'.

Excuse me if I'm disoriented, slightly sleep deprived.

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MAP06 - UV-Max in 6:05

Woah! I had no idea I'd be able to improve this by nearly 3 minutes compared to Ryback's demo. Their is a number of ugly missed shots but I let it slide considering the time.

Correct me if I'm mistaken but one monster fails to teleport in, judging from the editor one AV is stuck on a Demon in Sector 113? :I

Otherwise I could get this just under 6 minutes.


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Bloodite Krypto said:

MAP07 - UV-Max in 1:07

God what an awful end map D: The only redeeming quality is trying to telefrag the lone Cyber.

Well this concludes my 1 and 1/2 day demo marathon, who's up for UV Speed and -Fast now ;D

Awful map indeed!
I developed a few tricks to make it faster, at least.

MAP07 UV Max in 0:30


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