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Squadron 417 demos [-complevel 2]

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Squadron 417 by Sam Lopresti, Jeff Cruser, Keith Hickman & Damon Thomas

All previous demos for Squadron 417 were posted in the misc threads. I think it's about time it got its own thread since it's a megawad after all and a pretty fun one. Even though it was intended for coop, it's perfectly playable in single player except for map17, which seems to require at least two players to reach the exit. Well, and map05 probably can't be maxed without TAS stuff due to the last room being too hard.

Here is MAP14 UV-Max in 5:42. I decided to record it when I found out that the current DSDA record isn't a legit max.


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I smirked at that line too. :)

MAP07 UV-Max in 2:52, not killing the monsters in the inescapable room (four arch-viles and three other baddies that teleported there), so maybe some people won't be satisfied with this demo.


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kuchitsu said:

OK, so in that room the arch-viles can't hit you when you are far away enough.

Well, they can, if you trigger them with pain chance. It means game over, pretty much.

I think I'll do the non-impossible maps too. I'll give it the benefit of probably being the first slaughter megawad so it has me sold.

map 2 max 5:36


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Nice, I'll be watching! :) By the way, I made a single player compatible version of Map17, you can find it in the DSDA wad download (in the original version there is a part that requires 2 players).

Oh, and you might find Area 51 interesting too, it's pretty much like a Squadron 417 "side story". Also made by Keith Hickman with very similar feel, same sounds, etc.

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I'm liking these demos. I find it interesting that all four authors have really "40- or 50-something year-old American guy"-ish names.

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Cool. I guess the BFG was supposed to just tease the players since there is another one you can find if you jump down in the big hall. Getting it quickly in Map07 will be much more painful hehe.

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