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Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

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Works for me. Check that your copy of the wad matches the one in the archive; otherwise, tell us which exe you are using and how you are playing it back.

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j4rio said:

some 1st exits

1 max 1:17
2 max 2:23
3 max 3:29
4 max 2:26
5 max 2:49

very nimble, especially on map04, mr. wheelchair guy ;)

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GrumpyCat said:

Map28 Pacifist 0:51
AV jump in the end saved another couple of seconds =)

Oh shit, I don't like to change things this late in the day, but I might have to fix that sound trigger, definitely not working as intended

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Map 6: Painframe
UV-Max in 3:52

Demo included where hell knights attack each other (1:28) because of a barrel explosion.

Note: Monsters can get stuck following you back through the teleporter to the main area.


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Map 8: Hide and seek
UV-Max in 2:00

Got super lucky at the end, turning a somewhat average run into my best effort so far. Including two 2:01 demos which look better in my opinion. :)


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koren said:

map11 uv-max in 1:50

Ha, that crusher was pretty fortunate. Nice one

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