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3 Heures d'agonie 2 demos [-complevel 2]

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Map01 UV Speed in 0:27
Map02 UV Speed in 0:11
Map18 UV Speed in 0:19
Map30 UV Max in 1:18
Map32 UV Speed in 0:58
Map01 UV Max in 1:49


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Great work, elmle !
Map 16 still stands... and that's not surprising : from what I recall, there are lots of Viles and very few heavy weapons / ammo in there.

Here's an old demo of mine on map 25 while we're at it.


Edit : I've just recorded a table filler for map 16.




Edited by WH-Wilou84 : Map 16 demo

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Map 16 UV-Max in 9:24


Made a mistake by jumping down to the red key area near the end and almost died, probably wasn't the hardest of the maps but it feels pretty slow to play because of the limited weaponry and health.


On to the next wad...

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