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Estranged demos [-complevel 9]

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Foodle’s phenomenal addition to the roster of classic megawads combines fast and furious gameplay reminiscent of Scythe and Memento Mori with simple yet evocative aesthetics! These maps feature excellent gameplay flow with consistent action, they are exciting to speedrun as the layouts complement speeding through subsequent rooms aggressively, springing several traps and blazing past hordes, definitely one of my favourites from 2015.

(Introduction stolen from Krypto's post. Thanks for the eloquent description, Krypto!)


Pacifist ILs
05 in 0:35 (video)
*11 in 0:36 (video)
*15 in 2:08 (video)
16 in 1:41 (video)
21 in 0:13 (video)
*26 in 1:52 (video)
31 in 0:07
32 in 1:08 (video)

* = desync in final version


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