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Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

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I liked what you did after SSG, no worries about that pain elemental, it seems.

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Cyberdemon531 said:


MAP23 UV Max in 23:05

Nicely done. Taking a break or working on map24?

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wow! that map has really been eased up since rc3b! was there always that BFG secret? i was waiting to see what you'd do on the revenant steps with just the RL, and how youd do the RK area but theyre easier than i remember; the imps used to warp in a lot denser, and there was also plasma troopers and AD79s opposite! also the end cyberdemon is a joke with the BFG. still a nice demo though, the map was cramped playing casually so i can only imagine trying to speed through it!

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on that note, time to continue filling the UV-Speed table with my shitty runs!

07 uv-speed 2:09

maybe someone can do something cool with the archviles? whatever!

edit: forgot to set the complevel correctly :( this is cl-1


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