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THT: Threnody demos [-complevel 9]

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Map01 UV-Max in 1:22
Map13 Pacifist in 1:18
Map18 Pacifist in 0:36
Lol in the UV-Max I die at the very end by the hell knight but I kill him too and get knocked into the exit. I took that as a sign to submit this time.


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Ahh crap I forgot to mention this. Hold off on recording demos for now, some maps might be updated.

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Hey, great job on the runs here so far. Figured I'd drop in to say the /idgames wad has been updated; all demos posted here are in sync with the newest version.

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On 2016-11-24 at 4:19 PM, rdwpa said:

Map03 UV-Max in 5:51

Just drop a run for fun. I wanted to play this WAD quite sometime ago, but so many things distract me. Didn't really plan well, so compared to good time done by rdwpa. I'm satisfied by my time. Probably the focus is just to get through it.


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Good god, I've done it. This is more like "Slow as hell like a crawling worm"! Honestly, this actually cost less time than Disjunction Map10. Don't say "I know how to find the monster." Otherwise, you'll end up like me looking for the 2 missing kills like a dumb arse. I feel my poor memory is challenged, so badly ;P


My curiosity started from my friend did a continuous play THT recently, and he talked about this map being 1 hour long. Then, I listened to the talk between 40oz and @Fonze. Because Fonze talked about Wormhell, I decided to give it a try. The first run to understand the map took me two separate days, like total 4 hours because it's so confusing to me.


Talking about the design, Wormhole is one of my favorite map because of the concept. This map is clearly a reference to that, with a nice remix of Death's Bells. The part that I don't like is the box maze referring to Shipping/Respawning, but I have to be patient because I killed myself several times by using the Rocket Launcher there. Also, there are a lot of silent teleporters and traps to pay attention. Some of them could be very nasty since monsters spawn in at so many places. Another thing is that two spawners at the end seem a little bit overkill to me... The most difficult part, in my opinion, is the Cyberdemon fight in the garage in 2nd dimension. It's interesting that mapper(s) did realize players may escape the blocking wall, so the platform of "DISASTER AREA" is a 20% damaging floor. However, trying to trigger those and killing all the Cacodemons and Lost Souls outside first is definitely the better strategy here, where I failed to do so. BTW, I also really hate that jump to get the Soulsphere in 2nd dimension.


Because Fonze talked about a room with 1 Pain Elemental in the middle and 2 Mancubi on both sides, I "desperately" looked for a room like this but I could't actually find it. Probably it's a prototype of the outer space of 1st and 3rd dimensions since they all have exactly 1 Pain Elemental and a few Mancubi. I need to do something while recording this into MP4 ;P


Youtube Video:

How to fall asleep in 58:22


Demo File:


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