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Hacx Site Up for Grabs

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Now THAT's a quote. :P

I've got enough problems with my own site, and it's not very important at all! :P Sorry.

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Epyo said:

Hacx? Yeah, that was kinda boring to me.

Maybe you shoulda tried it on insanity difficulty

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Whoever take over the site, please change the design to something non-butt-ugly so people can look at it for longer than 5 minutes without their eyes burning out :)

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Its a sad day in doom land. I hope doom world will pick it up cuz the site needs some tlc. I think that the people of doom world should all help. Then the Hacx site will be its whats it ment to be.

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BBG said:
Maybe DW could pick it up for now then find somebody to update it?

myk said:

I'm not sure if myk is joking, but why not?

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