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The Green Herring

Community Chest 3 Released

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I love Metallica, but "Unforgiven" doesn't fit very well in Doom levels. Something like "Orion" might have been better.

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I had fun playing these, but mostly not nearly as fun as stuff like hell revealed in my opinion at least.

5: My favorite so far. But it sort of has the design problem of offering multiple paths initially, even though its pretty much intended to take them in a specific order. As long as you choose the right order and get the secrets its relatively easy. If the gameplay is that linear as far as path sequence, the latter paths might as well be blocked until the first ones are done, so you don't end up in a vile maze with just a chainsaw (though I like difficulty so that's what interested me in the first place). I guess finding the right path could be part of the fun though.
7: I'm pretty sure a bug made me stuck in a small area w/ no way out.
8: You can get the red key without triggering the ambush so I'd put the key further past the line trigger. I like the 'walking through a canyon' feel. More enemies up on the multiple levels of side walls of the canyon would be cool maybe.
14: Quite nice looking/organic and fun due to low ammo. Nice detailed architecture/rooms that are interesting enough to make up for the resulting semi tediousness of picking up ammo/items in them.
18: Yeah, this is my favorite too. Nonlinear (like refueling base etc) so if you feel like it you can just start blazing around in random directions wherever the action leads you (also making each replay more unique). The perspective illusion was one of the most creative things I've seen in this game :). One key switch doesn't show up in red color in the map so I found it in doombuilder instead of walking around forever searching for it.
28: This was kinda interesting. Infighting mostly made it circle strafing and not too difficult.
29: I walked around in iddqd/clip first and it initially looked excellent by enemy count anyway. But after playing, the sequences of keys pressed required to win are quite repetitive and not difficult due to having tons of bfg/rocket ammo. You don't really have to be on your toes much despite all the enemies.

Things that often annoy me in wads (some but not necessarily these particular levels) are doors that don't open with the spacebar despite being textured as a door (actually I don't even like doors in general as they annoyingly reclose on you or can be used to cheat by opening/closing a crack to infight), tediously researching areas for the route, ammo/health in unavoidable positions preventing ability to conserve them, easy tedious gameplay (like any part where you have to kill 12 demons in a row with a double barrel from a safe place. The 'gameplay' during that part is basically hold down the shoot key; not exactly a mentally entertaining motor skill. I prefer frantic stressful fast reflex gameplay in chaotic constantly changing situations. So boring situations requiring simple/repetitive key input (like easy circlular infighting/waiting for things like lifts/safe strafe firing from a shelter/having one pointless baron to kill with a single barrel which takes forever/etc) should be completely removed as much as possible imo especially since dying means redoing something that was already repetitive the first time).

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gggmork said:

Only played 1-8 so far (maybe I'll update this later). A lot of maps had the annoying quality of walking down the same routes multiple times pressing space bar everywhere because you don't know where to go next.

A lot of maps or just map5? Playing 1-8 seems premature to make this kind of statement.

gggmork said:

8: You can get the red key without triggering the ambush; I'd put the key further past the line trigger.

Didn't notice this but meh. People interested in maxing the level will trigger the ambush anyway.

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Joe Capricorn said:

How do I get the blue skull in Map30?

It should be behind the icon of sin, across the invisible bridge, inside the boss, in front of the view of the evil core.

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