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UAC Overthrown By Endarchists

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Endarchy, a Doom 3 mod by Tigger-oN, has been released. Features include three levels with a new stone and iron theme, a Quake-style start map for choosing difficulty, some tweaks to Doom 3's gameplay to make it faster paced, and an achievement style system that tracks various hidden goodies and other things you've found in each map. For all of you sissies who thought Doom 3 was too dark, you'll be delighted to know that the duct tape mod is included in the zip. Check out some screenshots here and grab the mod here.

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Looks excellent, I'm downloading it. Great to see new stuff too, I've been getting into Doom 3 again in the past three days largely inspired and thanks to the code review ... I've got a native 64-bit engine on Linux and even have some mods rebuilt as 64-bit for it =p

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I've just managed to claw my way through it on normal difficulty, and I must say I'm very impressed. And relieved! It's high time that Doom 3 gets a worthy set of community levels for everyone to enjoy, and these three numbers hit the mark very nicely indeed.

Rather than your run-of-the-mill future tech and starport themed levels, Endarchy works the dark corners of the id tech 4 engine into the (slightly) different realm of Victorian subterra, with complementary military and science themes to boot. It's all very short, which isn't at all surprising, but it's got plenty of replayability factor thanks to quippy little achievements and a diversity in gameplay. However, I did feel that it escalated a little too quickly near the end, perhaps because of its short length, striving too hard to present the player with an extreme range of opposition in so short a space of time... but these quibbles are as silly as they are slight.

Also yes, it isn't only the most impressive areas that have been screenshot for display; no one room outdoes the other. And it's easter-egged!

I'll be returning to this one later on for a hard run-through. Most enjoyable.

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