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The /newstuff Chronicles #416

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It's just old versions of historical wads being removed, not much of a big deal since better versions of those wads still exist. The worst part about this is the reviews of those versions fading away in history.

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"Better" is subjective. Sometimes it's nice to check out the original version of something. For example, it made me very happy to play Green Water, a prior version of Dark Covenant's MAP02, which was recently uploaded to /idgames. It has a medusa bug in one place, and wasn't as polished as the version in DC, but I'm still thankful for having the opportunity to experience it (I'm a BIG fan of DC, it's one of my top-10 Doom II wads).

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A very good point, hex11. More good examples of this would be the different versions of John Anderson's "Dante's Gate" and "Crossing Acheron" maps. It's very interesting to see how such a mapper's work evolved from one version to the next. New and experienced mappers alike could learn something from such examples.

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