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DOOM RETRO 1.2 released

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Brad Harding has released version 1.2 of DOOM RETRO, a classic, refined DOOM source port for Windows PC. This version has many bug fixes and enhancements, the most important of which are a considerable improvement in stability, a WAD launcher, and blood splats. Visit www.doomretro.com to download and view the extensive release notes.

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Janizdreg said:

The link seems to be broken on the (non-forums) main page, directing to http://www.doomworld.com/www.doomretro.com.

That's odd! The link behaves fine in here, though... Unfortunately I don't have access to edit this post, if that's what's required. I'll PM someone to fix it. Thanks for pointing this out!

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That look actually pretty nice. (And yay for my account still working.)

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