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Slade 3.1.0 released

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Sirjuddington has posted up a new version of the Doom editor Slade, now at 3.1.0. This is a major release; the program itself has had many new features and fixes added, and the map editor has had a substantial upgrade too, for example:

  • Support for Doom, Hexen and UDMF format maps
  • 'Split' game configuration system - just select a game and a port, no more long list of 'ZDoom + Doom 2', 'ZDoom + Doom 1' etc. configs
  • Syncs up with the resource editor - changed a texture? it'll update in the map editor
  • Nice looking, smoothly animated 2d map editor view
The full changelog and download links are available at the Slade website here.

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Why is the download of vc redist 2013 from the setup mandatory? This means, if someone already have installed it, setup download and install it again.

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I found the problem. I had installed the 64bit version of vcredist 2013 installed, and had to install the x86 version too.

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In 3.1.0 Beta 6

Whenever I start it, it asks me for the temp folder, resources and node builder. It remembers the resources so there I only have to click OK. It forgets all other settings, also settings found in the preferences, and even settings in some dialoga that I expect it to remember (like the last game configuration in map editor launcher).

When I tried to open a map using an extra resource pwad, it froze with 100% cpu.

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