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Unholy Cow. Or Something.

The Unholy Software site was updated with a little post-Ni'mrod stuff. Ebola goes into how he feels the project was a success (indeed, it was quite excellent, and it's always nice to see something worked on for so long actually get a proper release). He also goes into some of the downfalls of starting up a team, but I'm sure most of you are familiar with that by now. And of course, if you want some future news, there's always this:

Me Kurt and Tomi (Lu_wang) have gotten real serious about our Quake2 project, and w/o even knowing it (just occured to me, yesterday) got a rather big team of people doing stuff. Progress is very good, and hopefully it's gonna be the best thing we ever made. Brainstorming is a daily activity in the chatroom wich we discuss Island in. (the name of the project).

No, it won't be base style.

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