'Obituary' WAD doesn't work

For whatever reason, the WAD Obituary by TiC doesn't work. I didn't want to mess with merging stuff with my IWAD at first, and I knew basically no source ports reguire you to add sprites and flats, so I simply added in all the files. When I would attempt to start a game, I would get "Not a level: F_END". If I did 'MAP MAP01' it would start okay. If I merged the PWAD with the IWAD as it said to do, it would still do that as well as bomb to DOS if I triee starting MAP01 manually. With BOOM, and I'm guessing many other engines, it works fine. Using NWT, I looked at the PWAD with levels in it, and it seemed to be a bit fragmented or something - there was a block of data under nothing, then MAP03, and more data, and so on.

I think this is caused by Eternity's insistence to start at whatever levels are replaced... but where did F_END come in? Considering the hundreds of WADs I have played with Eternity without any trouble, I think I can say this isn't a bug the Eternity engine, but rather in Obituary.

Does anyone know any quick remedies to this? I would almost accept "Obituary is a piece of shit, why do you bother playing it" if anyone
thinks it is really that bad.

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Sounds like a bad wad to me. There's probably no way Eternity can properly support it without adding in some gross hacks, and that's against my coding philosophy :->

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Yup, the WAD structure's to blame. I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember needing to hack it around a lot to get it working.

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