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Anyone ever play the games DonPachi and DoDonPachi? The Japanese to English translation on them is pretty terrible too, though nothing as catchy as "all your base" or "you fail it." Incidentally, they're both available for the MAME emulator, as is Blazing Star and Zero Wing, though Zero Wing has no intro in the arcade version. Get the Sega Genesis version if you want to see Cats (the bad guy in Zero Wing) in all his glory. All four games are also really fun, that is, if you like mindless destruction (being a Doom fan, I can safely say that yes, I love mindless destruction).

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Edit: someone beat me to it. I eat you! Rawr!

Also remember, Zero Wing was a cheap PAL release, so they didn't pay the translator very well. Maybe he did it to spite them all XD.

I played Zero Wing before its popularity. "All your base" is cute at best, but... after awhile, meh. I play many old side-scrolling shooters, so, it wasn't suprising. Aero Flash is cooler, anyway... transforming ship, lady pilot, and pretty nice soundtrack. Yay.

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