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Post a picture of yourself!

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Post a photo about yourself, if you would like to show you face to the community! Don't post any pictures about Doom monstres or anything, IMO it's not funny after 562 chases...

Here's me:

EDIT: holy cr*p this pic is so old...


EDIT2: I don't even remember which was this photo anymore...

Edited by Katamori

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Mmm.. Thanks? Glad to know I look like I'm going to kill someone. Perhaps it's the lighting in here..

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Well I don't need to post one, just imagine Krispavera with black hair and a thicker mustache.

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DeathevokatioN said:

"I did it! I killed him!"

I'm only kidding. If that really is you, and is real, and that was a family member of yours then I'm sorry.

Nah, here's an actual photo. It's from a while ago and my hair isn't nearly that long anymore.


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I have only a single (literally) picture of myself stored on my computer. It's like 3 megs though, because I was using it as a test pic for an image morphing algorithm.

I'd post a link to it anyway, but I'll restrain myself for now. :P

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Can't find a recent picture right now, so here's one that was taken some time back when I still looked cute.

(540x780 - 79k)

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Lüt said:

A rocker darkly?

Not really, just pointing out that I have pretty much the same facial features and hair.

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It takes these kinds of threads to remind me that I'm probably not going to leave much evidence of existence behind if a piano were to suddenly fall on me or something.

I used to have several pictures of myself before and after a haircut I had pretty recently, but this is the only one I could find, so um, faceless pre-haircut me in 2011:

But I actually have a face believe it or not, even if it is the same face I have had for the past two or three years (+ acne). Me in 200?:

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