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lupinx-Kassman said:

Ah jeez, it looks like you hadn't slept in a few days.

Nope! That's just what bein married will do to ya! (or so I hear)

Just kidding, congratulations on that by the way. even though I'm way late.

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This bump is worthy!

Here are pictures of me on a railroad adventure with a friend of mine. He took the pictures and I provided the poses!

I decided to link them because I didn't want doomworld to overload due to how good looking I am!

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Vordakk said:

The environment in these pics looks like a fun place to roam around in.


Also, sweet jacket.

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About me, eh? This would be part of my computer area where I write music at home. The top synth is my beloved PolyEvolver Keyboard. I forget the exact serial number, but it's around #110 or #112 or something like that. Below that is an Alesis controller. I attached my MIDI interface and old Roland JV-1010 to the underside of the wood shelf. The mixer isn't used much anymore (and it's getting a bit touchy), but I still use it for basic mixing of my hardware synths and microphone.

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I honestly don't remember if I posted this somewhere already or if I'm getting confused with another forum, but it basically describes me right now because of reasons.

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Mr. T said:


Is she saying fuck you to the camera or is that the peace sign in Japan?

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