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Foodles said:

Maybe is just me, but in these photos you look a bit like James McAvoy

I seriously can't tell you how many times someone thought I looked like someone else.

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Here's my current Facebook display picture, taken just in front of the gates outside Buckingham Palace, taken in early May (just after the royal wedding, I think).


And just for shits and giggles (and to clarify that I'm not a beautiful, petite Indian girl), here's me after I grew my hair for 7 months, back in January:


As that hair annoyed me to no end, it stays short these days.

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Here's me about a year ago (I'm 17 now):

Here's one of me wearing the same shirt earlier that year:

Here's one of me taken just now (I own less than a dozen shirts lol):

...and here is one of my tarantulas (I have four currently, and a cat):

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