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DeathevokatioN said:

Have you heard a band called Torture Division? Same members, although the one came across as a bit arrogant on an Indian metal forum I used to be a moderator on when he said they were the best band in the world, it is still some cool stuff. It's more straight forward death metal in the vein of Grave, and their whole discography is online for free with their permission.

Yep, I know about 'em but didn't bother to listen to anything of their fame. The further life goes on - the more I realise I've had enough of straightforward death metal (and I also tired of things like Grave). I prefer something more unusual and creative, and TPH is the case.

Mr. Chris said:

Awesome death n' roll available for free.

Second that, they're cool.

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Not going, but Convulse, Midnight, Manilla Road, Repulsion, Hellshock and Tragedy would have been cool.

Kinda lame line up all in all imo.

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a new album by "Sodom" is out "Epitome Of Torture" check it out now.

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Dragonforce VI announced - if that's worth mentioning on here.

They better get their asses back to the UK before TPW tour ends. I haven't seen them with Marc yet. Did manage to see them in Truro though at one of ZP Theart's final gigs with them.

IMO, ZP was the better frontman, but Marc is the better singer. Not that they're bad live. They're at their live best since 2005. And the backing vocals nowadays are just awesome!

What a fucking awesome way to open a gig. G5, damn

Also, for live comparison
Fury of the Storm, Japan 2005
Through the Fire and Flames, Wacken 2009

Even ZP has improved since leaving DF though. The only problem I have with either DF or I AM I nowadays are the fans who - THREE years after ZP left - are still saying he should be back in ZP. Did they see Wacken 2009? Clearly not.

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Merely alluding to Dragonforce in a metal thread is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.

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Yeah, I'm kinda glad they're not much of a thing anymore. That era from 2006-2007 where everyone was like OMG FASTEST AND MOST TECHNICAL BAND EVAAAAAA about them got annoying at times. Seems they're a little better-sounding now, and definitely still power metal, but not my thing. 80s US power metal and the early Euro acts are where it's at for me.

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Kontra Kommando said:

Vio-lence - Kill on Command

I love the music, but sometimes the singer reminds me of Terence and Phillip from South Park. lol

Might want to check out Impact from Wisconsin. They are similar to Vio-lence but feature more standard thrash vocals.


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It's amazing how much noise they can still make after being in the business for hundreds of years.

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