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[update] Automatic Wolfenstein — alpha02

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AgentSpork said:

I would love to have a version of this to use as a screensaver that always just plays Wolfenstein 3D on loop. :P

I think I'm going to start a development branch on that. I hope that Visual Studio tutorials on creating Windows screen savers exist.

EDIT: but if so, then I'll have to place SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll in the /system32 (or whatever) system directory. I'll also need to place a configuration setting that points to the Wolfenstein data files.

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printz said:

It's possible it was waiting for a mutant around the corner to show up, but that mutant was blocked by another obstacle. Currently the bot avoids facing mutants, due to imminent damage threat. If it gets stuck forever (which happens when the mutant is blocked by a deaf guard or sprite obstacle), just use your keys to move it. You still have some limited control.


So I let him play Ep.2 again. Watching it as if it were a demo recorded by a real player. So yeah, in E2M4 had to "push" the player twice, and in E2M6 once. The bot finished the very difficult E2M6 (which he probably can't do on hard skill from pistol start). I was scared about the silver key trap, but the bot had no problems. There was a funny moment also, a mutant and the player walking around a 1x1 block clockwise, about 7 times (!) until finally the player waited and turned anti-clockwise. Somewhere on E2M6/E2M7 the bot reached 1,000,000 points, something I never achieved in my play (the status bar has only space for 6 score digits). Then E2M8 and the aardwolf maze... I was preparing myself breakfast at that time, only occasionally looking at the screen :) The bot found two extra lifes, then found a Hans Grosse and got killed. I had to stop here, because I believe the bot would never finish the map nor run out of lives (perpetuum mobile).

Will watch ep.5 next, but on medium skill. This looks doable for him. Ep.4,6 rather not thanks to the ultra hard secret levels.

Your fighting algorithm is what amazes me most, a combination of sweeping through enemies and waiting for them behind corners is a pleasure to watch in crowded areas.


edit: that was quick. Ep.5 on Bring'em on! finished with 100% kills/treasure/secrets in 21:44. Over 1M score. Lots of levels finished under par time.

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vdgg said:

(the status bar has only space for 6 score digits).

The sad thing is that vanilla Wolf3D v1.1 had space to show all 7 digits: it was simply drawing the leading '1' over the left separator. Then the capability was lost in further versions, resulting in ugly and confusing scores, especially in Spear of Destiny.

I think the bot may well beat E6M10 on skills lower than death incarnate (why not even skill 4), provided it gets the ammunition from E6M3. Normally the bosses can be defeated in mazes. The one from E2M8 was killer because of a stupid particular situation.

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That was surprisingly entertaining to watch! It reminds me of a terminator or something, with its efficiency and single-minded purpose. :)

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That's the whole idea: to have some real robots who can map their surroundings and know where to move when called. AutoDoom (which I was going to call Robocop Doom until I realized the trademarks) will be a very nice exercise for that.

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