Black Mesa vs Half-Life 3: Which will be released first? (BM Discussion)(BM DurrHurr)

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  1. 1. Well?

    • Black Mesa
    • Half-Life 3
    • Impse 3D

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Thanks. I found it before I came back here. Played up to the start of Surface Tension and then had it crash. That's the second crash for me. The first was in Blast Pit.

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I'm in Blast Pit for now. Nice mod. After finishing this mod I will play through Half Life 1 again!

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StevieCybernetik said:

This mod was absolutely incredible. If these people re-did Opposing Force, I'd be a seriously happy guy.

There is already a remake in the works although by a different team The same team is also remaking Blue Shift.

They look very promising.

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