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wtb: multiple keypress keyboard (gaming)

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Dragonsbrethren said:

This is what I'm using now. It's overrated for gaming, honestly. The shape is very comfortable and the extra buttons are nice, but it isn't any more precise than those $12 Walmart Logitechs I mentioned (400DPI). I'm sure it was a godsend when optical mice all sucked. I prefer it to a "normal" gaming mouse because it's not utterly ridiculous looking. When I've got an extra $50 laying around I'll probably pick up a Deathadder just to try one; same shape, better DPI.

Also, maybe I just got a bad one, but the rubber on the side just isn't holding up. I've had it for about a year and a half now, and it's worn down to plastic under the buttons. I could only get a gray one, and there's bits of black showing through the gray paint, too.

I'd still recommend it. It's only $30.

I have always liked it for the acceleration curve and feel. Granted I am no pro FPS player so the "state of the art" has probably moved on now since ~2003(???) when I got my first one.

The ones made from when they brought the mouse back after discontinuing it have worse build quality. The scroll wheel is kind of noisy (not really a big deal), and that rubber stuff coming off. Was that even on the original?

Thanks for pointing out the Deathadder. That will probably be my next mouse when (if?) this one dies. The shape can't be beat IMO, and it's nice to have a mouse that doesn't look like a spaceship.

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