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Anyone ever play Silent Hill?

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Silent Hill was a good game. Really screwed up though! Especially those alternate-world flying skin bird things that kill you in a single hit, or those zombies that pounce and rape you and run at the same speed as you.

At least for the Radio, i would be running down the foggy street. Then once I heard the radio go off I would stop, aim my gun ready to shoot and pan the camera around to see what is around me. If I heard flapping I knew that a dumb flying enemy was making shit loads of noise in its most vulnerable state. When they hover, they emit their loud wing noise, their speed is reduced, and they are more visible because they stir up the distant fogged pixels.

Each monster had distinct noises for the most part depending on the area, and I believe there are some that did not have any noises at all.

Ralphis said:

I had nightmares for years from the first Silent Hill as a kid and still get uncomfortable when I hear fire sirens late at night.

Silent Hill does that to you!

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I tried Afraid of Monsters because I hear it was like Silent Hill. Does Silent Hill have jumping in a dark room near the start? Dying for the millionth time gets annoying.

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