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Uganda to officially pass "Kill the Gays Bill"

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fraggle said:

While I think it can be argued that religions do some good in encouraging and organising charity work, too often it's a case of "conflating charity work with religious proselytizing"

I thought it was just me. Whenever that thought has struck my mind about Christian-based charity groups or otherwise, I've always felt a little guilty in light of the good work they do. It's a relief to know I'm not alone in having a problem with it.

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When talking about religious charities I can't help remembering about the frauds the Polish chapter of Caritas has been involved in and how they've admitted to spending up to 40% of the donations on administrative costs.

Secular charities only.

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I think the most frustrating case is seeing charitable organisations that honestly are doing good work, but who also have a bunch of unpleasant stuff attached to it that puts me off wanting to support them. Operation Christmas Child is one example; the Salvation Army is another - while they do good work in helping the poor, I can't in good conscience give money to an organisation that is also a homophobic lobbying group.

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That bill fits pretty good to prosecution of goats for witchcraft and stonings of minor rape victims for extramarital sex.

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