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So a lot of you are Doom addicts, though I figure people have poured a lot of time into other favorite videogames as well. Post what you play and give a general time as to how long you've played if you can.

I have a couple answers, one of which doesn't really count. The longest "time played" I have in a game is the MUD which I run, and even though it's probably the game I've played the most in my life, the hours I've spent connected to it aren't really representative of the time I've played because I keep my staff character connected 24/7. The total online time so far is 51677 hours. Actually what it displays on my character's profile is -13857 hours, because the short integer only goes up to 32767, and then it loops around.

Seeing as I wasn't there for the whole time though, and it's not really a video game in that it's all just text, I'd have to say Civilization IV is probably one of my most played titles. I haven't kept track of how long I've played it for, but probably numbering in the thousands of hours. Not always sustained though, it's a very stop and go game and sometimes I'll ponder a single turn for a half hour, or super late in the game I'll have to wait as much as half an hour for my computer to calculate a single turn (and then hope it doesn't crash once it does.)

My longest recorded played game in Steam is Team Fortress 2 with over 2000 hours logged, but a ton of that was idling back when I still cared about HATS, so, not real playtime.

My second longest recorded game on Steam is Arma 2, mostly for the mod DayZ, which came out early this year, with over 600 hours logged. That was pretty much all active playtime. While it's kind of embarrassing to log that many hours in such a short time, DayZ has kind of become a big part of my social life since moving to a new place. It's got this weird vibe where you meet people and after time form huge bonds of trust through hyper-realistic combat. I know how my squadmates think, we all know what we're going to do before we actually do it, and we can just go in silently and fan out to everyone's predetermined role and make a plan go off without a hitch.

So, everyone else, what do you spend way too much time playing?

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I've probably spent more time on the original Sonic the Hedgehog than any other thing ever. This isn't because I suck and it takes me ages to complete it; but the opposite. I can run through the game, title screen to credits, in about 23 minutes. This means it's an excellent quick way to kill some time, on bus rides, waiting in queues, you name it.

In my third year of University, I used to buy these frozen deep-pan pizzas that used to take 22 minutes in the oven; and to time them I couldn't generally use the timer in the kitchen as it was usually being used by other students in the house. So I used to fire up my PSP and beat Sonic.

The pizza was delicious, by the way.

I don't doubt that I've completed the original Sonic a few tens of thousands of times, no exaggeration. It's just something quick and easy that kills time, so why not? :)

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The two games I've played the most must be Diablo 2 and Doom 2, although I've got no hours for either of them.

As for games with recorded hours, see

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Easily played Doom more than any other game so far, but played the crap outta Sonic when I was younger, along with the Devil May Cry series (still need to play on all difficulties on DMC4) and the Metal Gear Series. A current series, Yakuza, is indefinitely on one of my most played list at the moment. :)

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Forza 3 took a good 120 hours or more out of my life over the course of a year or so and Forza 4 is working towards that goal too. I've apparently also been bought Forza: Horizon, so I get a feeling that series may be coming in second place to the Doom series.

The GTA, Midnight Club and SOCOM (I - III on the PS2) series are all contenders too, as they've got many, many hours over time (SOCOM particularly, as the only series I ever played a lot of online).

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Yeah, I'm sure many of us can say Doom is the game we've unequivocally spent the most time with.

Otherwise, it's difficult to say. According to Steam I've spent 595 hours in Skyrim, after replaying the game several times from scratch with different characters. I'm sure there's games I've poured much more time into (or wasted more time with, depending on your point of view) but I haven't been counting the hours. To be fair, I haven't been counting the time I've spent playing Doom either, but 19 years gives a lot of room for generous estimates.

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In the summer of 2011, I figured I'd amassed roughly 7000 (yes, seven thousand) hours in World of Warcraft. I haven't checked in a year and a half so I'm sure it's nearing 10000 at this point. That's kind of insane.

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I did play a lot of Doom and Quake, mainly with user made levels. Have no idea how many hours I spent with those games. Countless hours including playtesting my own Doom crud.

In Guild Wars (I just checked) I played 5500 hours. I've played it since 2005 and eventually stopped. Then about 2 years ago a couple friends and I started playing it (they were new to the game at the time) and that turned out to be a crapload of time spent on it right there. Insanity to the max, then everything exploded and I had to GTFO.

I have 600 hours in Guild Wars 2.

In Skyrim I have 297 hours. Have to go back and play it more since I never did finish the main quest.

I looked at my character saves for Oblivion and I have 1050 hours.

Fallout 3 racks up to about 400 hours.

I spent a lot of time in Morrowind as well but have no idea how many hours I played that. I played it so much, that anytime I've done a reinstall, I always end up playing a couple minutes and quit it completely. Think I ran it into the ground.

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Your move

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The longest chess game I played in an international event was about 9 hours (adjourned three times - under current rules that wouldn't happen). Coincidentally, in the same tournament I played Yedael Stepak, who was involved in the longest tournament game ever (Stepak-Mashian, Israel 1980 - c. 24.5 hours).

Longest session would be 72 hours, of course.

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Ah, time spent in a single game session? hahahahaha

There have been several days in WoW where I played for roughly 18 hours straight. I might have gone to around 20 once or twice over the last eight years, but those days that are absolutely insane are usually ~16.

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I've probably spent the equivalent of a year or two playing FreeCell. Its the ultimate time killer.

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The top spot would be a fight between Doom, WoW, and Ragnarok Online.

I have no idea how much time I spent on those games. The past year though I've been playing games on steam. So here's my top 3 list:

1. Spellforce Platinum - 166 hours
2. Torchlight 2 - 120 hours
3. Terraria - 105 hours.

I don't game as much as I used to it seems.

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When I was a preteen who didn't have his own personalized computer, I was only allowed to spend around 45 minutes or 1 hour per day to play videogames on the family-shared computer.
The first game to which I was really hooked was the PC version of the arcade classic Golden Axe. Playing it under the harsh time limitations that were imposed by my mother, it took me roughly an entire year to reach the final stage and defeat Death Adder. (Because I kept dying and I didn't know that there was a menu option to extend the life meter, and there was no quicksave/quickload feature since emulators didn't exist yet and it wasn't a ROM.)

In contrast, DOOM1 and Heretic1 took me somewhere between 2 or 3 months to complete, because there was a quicksave/quickload feature implemented.

Once I got into highschool in 1999/2000, I finally got my own personalized computer. And I pretty much spent at least 5 hours every Saturday afternoon using it. I finally had the opportunity of learning how to build my own maps & mazes and do all kinds of fun things such as importing and exporting resources. I was in heaven!

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Well according to Raptr the longest I've got is 1,128 hours in DC Universe Online. Some of that is probably idling on the character selection screen.

I'd probably guess that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the most I've played though. I have no idea of any of the specifics though, but I am pretty sure it's well over 300 hours. I want to say that I've got a lot of time in Doom, but I don't think that's true; I've played it frequently over my life, but usually only in about hour spurts. So I doubt actually that much.

Raptr also says I've played Skyrim for 266 hours, so that one's up there too. I'm pretty stoked for the new DLC so I'm sure that'll go up over 300 soon.

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Will DDR for food

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I've probably played more DDR 6th and 7th mix than anything else, not including Doom. There would be days where I would play for four hours straight, which for that series is something. In total I've probably logged close to 3000-4000 hours on those two titles alone.

Too bad my current pad is broken and I can't play :'(

I'm not sure what my longest single gaming session has been. But it was probably spent in MGS4 or Minecraft.

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Loderunner (sierra, 94) - few years almost daily

Warcraft 2 - Played through it at least 7-8 times, both campaigns with a restriction of no saving except at start of mission, although only with medium speed (max speed was unenjoyable for me).

Starcraft - Didn't like it as much as above, although played through it including BW maybe twice iirc, got bored of it eventually and never played since. It still ate up quite a long while which I really can't estimate as it would be just a wild guess.

Little fighter 2 - I played this way, wayyy more than doom. Maybe 5-6 years. Most of online activity pretty much died off entirely by now. Here's just one of my simpler thread from back then. You can hunt for my times of agonizing shitposting there.

Diablo 2 - ... ha ha, yeah, I played it quite a while as well. Single player was just awesome. Then I played and was disgusted by how things were working around there. Eventually I made a character specifically intended to annoy people in player versus player games (fire druid abusing fissure bug, I think he was called Dung, pretty fitting). I was essentially a doomguy 2000 of Diablo 2 EU battle net. Basically something like shown in this vid:

TES Oblivion - maybe 500-600 hours

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Most games I have no idea, most games I've played don't come with that kind of counters.

I have played 980 hours of Quake Live. I think I had some ~200 hours on Xfire in Aliens vs Predator 2, but I had played it lots before I started using Xfire with it. These two are my most played multiplayer games.

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Captain Toenail
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Well, in my early childhood I was a Super Mario Bros addict - Super Mario Allstars on the SNES, 24/7. My parents eventually had to take the fuse out of the console and hide it!

Next game on the list is Micro Maniacs for the Playstation. Played this pretty much my whole free time after primary school.

Following the Playstation I gained a PS2 - TimeSplitters 2 is where all my hours went. Funnily enough I was never able to 100% complete it with all unlocks, some of the later challenges were just too hard for me at the time.

With the Playstation 3 I was peer-pressured into getting Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - prior to this I had little idea what CoD was. Soon became addicted - reached 9th prestige, kill ratio of 3 and something like 27 days of gameplay were recorded in the stats section. That's what, ~648 hours?!

And obviously there's Doom in various forms, which I probably have sunk my most time into of all computer games.

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I've got almost 2000 hours sunk into TF2 if Steam is to be believed. Which I doubt it is, since the stats page only shows 1108 hours. Steam probably counts all the times it doesn't close the game exe properly as play time.

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1-WoW 2500-3500 hours
2-Team Fortress 2 1000-1200 hours
3-Doom stuff
4-Castlevania stuff

EDIT: Oh, forgot one! Played Infantry Online somewhere in the range of 1500-2200 hours. Great game...

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I recall playing Final Fantasy XII for quite some time. Those games just sort of draw you in...

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Unreal 1, The ultimate doom, doom 2 and Morrowind for me (final doom not as much). Used to play all of them constantly when I was younger then I lost my unreal retail I know it's around somewhere though.

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Can't spll

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For me other than Doom, I would have to say StarWars: Knights of the old Republic.

and afew other games of note that I have spent a great deal of time in:

2: Dawn Of War Soulstorm
3: the Mass Effect series

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The games which I've recorded time play have been WoW and Runescape. Runescapes mostly been a game which I play while I play other games and I have about 7000 hours played in that game. I quit WoW a long time ago but I remember I clocked about 2000 hours on it. I started playing these games about a decade ago so. Jesus just realised, nearly 10000 hours have gone into those games heh, 87600 hours in a decade apprently so 1/8 of my life playing in 10 years have been those 2 games. Doom I'd have to guess I've played about 500-1000 hours on maybe.

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My current addiction is Borderlands 2.

It's 65 days old, and my Steamwork records show 336 hours played. That worked out to 5 hours a day since its release.

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Pokemon Sapphire - about 700 hours not counting idle time.
Harvest Moon (Collectively) - 600+ hours
Pikmin 1/2 - 500+ hours
Doom - 500+ hours
Sonic 2 Adventure Battle (GC) - 300+ hours
CoD: MW - 200+ hours
Digimon World Dusk - 150+ hours

Those games simply...stayed. Its longevity doesn't indicate that it was/is better than other games.

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I put a lot of time into Super Mario World as a youngen. Twisted Metal 2 was also got a lot of mileage out of it. GTA 3 probably has the most amount of time, literally played it from sun up to sun down for months.

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My best guess would be Civilization II. Played that for years when I was younger. Today, I suppose that could be Skyrim, but I have so many games these days, I don't play a single game for long amounts of time.

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I don't know the exact amounts of time but I do know which games I've played the most:

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
KotOR series
San Andreas
Mass Effect Series (not so much ME1)
Jedi Knight series (not so much DF2)
Star Wars Rogue Squadron series (never played RS1)
Mario Party series (never played the n64 ones)
James Bond 007 series
Super Mario main series
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour
Mario Kart series (not the snes and n64 ones)
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaigns

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Quake 2

Several million hours, at least.

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