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Where on Earth Is EarthQuake?

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Where's the doom gods like stxvile

currently online

Adam hygi


Andres Johnson

appears occasionally

Radek Pecka

most likely stopped playing

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Zahid said:

I think its right thread to ask
Where's the doom gods like stxvile, Adam hygi, Andres Johnson,Albert Valls and Radek Pecka i try to search but can't found...:(

Vile is regularly visiting Doom Speed Demos and "What music are you listning to right now" in Blogs. Hegyi cut ties to anything doom-related abruptly and doesn't answer any attempts of contact. Anders resurfaces every half a year or so, usually in the #nightmare irc channel at quakenet. No clue about Albert Valls. Radeg slums in #nightmare daily, his handle is {rm}. he hates doom now and only lives for beer.

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Thanks can you gave profiles link too:D
and 1 more thing i saw a pic of a guy on top of hell'ed posts who's he or her?;)

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Grazza said:

Azerty (as opposed to Qwerty) refers to a keyboard layout typically used in French-speaking areas. Why exactly anyone would say YAY! about it, I'm not sure,

It's from when Julian was visiting me and SoM was trying to use his Azerty laptop without much success.

zzz.doomzorld.com wasn't working too well for me either.

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I've often wondered most about Gatewatcher. He seems to have disappeared without a trace (that I can find at least) and he was my boy. I never had a way to really try and track him down and see if all was well so I hope for the best.

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I always wondered what happened to HavoX because he has not logged in since late March. I don't know if he's busy or if something happened to him. Either way I hope he's OK.

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