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children killer released after <4 years

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Bloodshedder said:

Your two sock puppet accounts, Violator and Maggotcum, have both been banned. Can you give me a good reason why your main account should not be banned as well?

So in reality we only have one disgruntled South African honky?

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To put it in short... they aren't sock puppet accounts... there was a four day lan that ended today.

My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/adrian.hanekom.9
Violator is my brother; http://www.facebook.com/Baphomet77?fref=ts
Maggotcum is one of my friends who doesn't own internet at his home because he can't afford it; http://www.facebook.com/puregodlike?fref=ts

If you want I can try dig up posts relating to having Doom lans as proof to this. (EDIT: here's one of them http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1089952 )

If we want to get into semantics, we had a four day lan and while I am guilty of showing them Doomworld a long time ago, I was in a seperate room when Maggotcum registered, and I was against it because I knew their hard headedness was incompatible with the Doomworld left but my word doesn't hold much weight for them because I'm not exactly the "leader" of the group. Apart from a few stupid knee jerk posts I mostly try to limit my ad homonym and try to focus on spreading information with the goal of breaking disinformation or spreading information about problems that affect people other than myself and I try to be sincere about it and I try not to resort to ad homonym, but when I do I don't need to hide behind a proxy account to go on a tangent... I am also more than aware of forum software abilities to match IP addresses and it pretty much is basic internet knowledge 101. I would never ever deliberately risk having an unpleasent relationship after working so hard on my Doom maps for my personal project as well as contributing to Doomworld Community projects for 2 years (and wish to continue contributing) only to create a childish account to tarnish it all and to destroy my reputation so that whenever someone plays a map done by myself or sees a post written by myself they remember me as "some strange freak who created an account to try offend people he doesn't know" on an unrelated Everything Else forum that for the most part I try to ignore in favor of the Doom section.

I've been meaning to let this awkward situation that is beyond my control off my chest in a public announcement for a long time but haven't done so until now because to be honest it would be awkward, it would probably be seen as attention seeking and thirdly it didn't seem like something to boast about here considering their (and more specifically Violator's) history of IMO turning topics that had the potential to have interesting debates into shitslinging fests. I ask that you please hold each account accountable to it's posts because I literally have no control over what the others post and if you think they have crossed the line then at the very least can you please hold my account accountable to the posts I make, but if you don't want to do that it's your choice. Sorry for the long winded essay.

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A combination of two of my three guesses. Fortunately the better two, as DeathevokatioN's mapping is something the community wouldn't want to lose.

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