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Carmack: "unfortunately, a lot of next gen games will target 30 fps"

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Enjay said:

But I'm used to "uncapped" ZDoom and if I play at 35 FPS it is very noticeable to me - and not in a good way IMO.

Yeah, the thing is, if you play for a bit you stop noticing it again. I go through this all the time when switching between Doom ports. That "can't tell the difference between 30 and 60" BS definitely isn't true, but games aren't suddenly unplayable because they're running at 30 fps.

What gets me are fps drops. I cap some of my more intensive PC stuff at 30 just because I know they drop when there's a lot of action going on and I'd rather have one smooth framerate than a fluctuating one. Now when console games already running at 30 fps start dropping, it's unbearable.

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DataSnake said:

Not sure what the big deal is. DOOM was capped at 35 fps, and it's at least as fast-paced as any modern game I've seen.

The gameplay in DOOM is plenty fast. But the difference in smoothness of motion on the screen between 35 and 60 FPS is huge. If you play ZDoom for an hour then go back to vanilla, your eyes may bleed.

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Vanilla Doom had a lot lower resolution as well. Like if you make an animation. You wouldn't need as many frames to make a pixel "smoothely" move from one end of the screen to another in 320x200 as you would in 1920x1080.

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