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Doom Marine

PS4 Announced, Graphics Whores Rejoice

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The Doomist said:

But at this point, they're just trying to get money.
I still don't know why "graphics is everything" to a lot of people. In 10 years, kids will say that PS3 graphics look like the Atari 2600's!

That's all large, public companies do most of the time. Sony is the sort of company that will intentionally break your computer if they think it will get them more money. No surprises here.

The funny thing about graphics is my mom, who has never played anything other than Worms, King's Quest VI, and Myst, insists on mocking any game with bad graphics. She complained for half an hour when my little brother was playing Link to the Past on a SNES in the fmaily room. She didn't have comment about Daggerfall other than how shitty the graphics were either. Old people seem to have the graphics bug too.

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Quasar said:

Heh. Reminds me of when Nintendo was touting the Ultra 64 at E3 by showing Cruis'n USA and Killer Instinct. These turned out to be pretty much the arcade versions of the games that they were showing.

But the fun didn't stop there. One intrepid reporter managed to pull up the table skirt for a moment, long enough to see quite plainly that the hardware running the games was a generic Silicon Graphics Indigo workstation.

I mean the console was supposedly a year or less from release, by my recollection, and it was apparently still complete vaporware.

Well, running the show from a PC makes a lot of sense: The system itself still probably isn't ready to manufacture, so why endanger your big day on a possible hardware or software failure, when you could use a more trustworthy development platform instead? Especially when your event is being streamed online in real time with hundreds of thousands of viewers, you really want to avoid any possible problems. Of course, if that also comes with more processing power to display better graphics...even better. ;)

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Maes said:

In that case, why the fancy $600 hardware? They could just use a modified (and inexpensive) DTV/WebTV receiver, just like that OnLive scheme.

Even if the PS4 turns out to be just a glorified QuickTime video player, the hardware specs need to be at least as good as the competition's otherwise buyers will stay away in droves. It's lipstick on a pig.

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Wow that Final Fantasy game is a game I don't want to play. I wish that I was impressed with any of it :-(

Looking at Killzone they could have always done it in PS3 and had the fly over the town make it really a rendered video as the backdrop if its not already.

This explains why Doom 4 will be able to have 30 enemies on screen.

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