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The Doomist

Your favorite Grand Theft Auto?

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Only played 1 and 4. I suppose I actually would take 1 then. But it's hard to compare because the two games are so different. 4 did do a good job at immersion and caracter building. Something you rarely see in games.

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Not really played 4 properly and didn't play the second (earlier-setting) GTA London, so this isn't quite a fully rounded opinion on the series, but my favourite has to be GTA Vice City. I loved the setting, theme and how it all worked.

San Andreas didn't work for me at all, TBH. I didn't like the setting or theme and felt too much of my time in the game was being taken up playing The Sims compared to the previous games. The original was a lot of fun, back in the day. Used to love getting the Juggernaut up to speed in that version of San Andreas and bulldozing through the motorways to get me from point A to B. Also:

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I guess GTA 1 and Vice City/San Andreas. GTA 4 was almost completely uninteresting to me. GTA5 looks good.

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