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A long lost dos game

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Hello there fellow doomers!

For some time now I've been looking for a dos game I played when I was 7 years old... I can't seem to find any indication of its existence on the internet so I'm going to try it here :)

The description:
All I remember is that is was a platform game that looked realistic (or at leas tried to) where you started in some sort of forest or post-apocalypse forest... There where some sort of elevators that would get you down and up some places... I also remember alot of metal and cables, hence the post apocalyptic feeling I get. Yes, I am sure that first level was a forest with elevators and stuff...
After that there was a cavelike level that was blueish-purple or very dark purple, with some sort of blobs that would skirt around on the ceiling or floor, and turn into humans once you got close before attacking you. It may have had a gun in it but I cannot exactly remember. It looked like as if it was from around the 1992-1997 era.

But yeah... after 12 (almost 13) years the memory of childhood games tend to get a bit vague... This is the best description I can offer. Maybe I am making this all up but I'm 100% sure that the blob part is from a game, it's the only more complete memory of the game because I could never get past that part.

I hope someone can help me remember what this game is!

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I've played the SNES, DOS, and Mac versions but off the top of my head I can't say which version is the best. These three all seemed relatively similar to my recollection. From what I know the 3D0/Sega CD versions have added voice acting or some such nonsense which seems like it would detract from the game rather than add to it, given its vintage.

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I had Flashback CD for PC, but tbh the original, non-CGI animated cutscenes from the Amiga version had more charm.

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I've played the Genesis and Atari Jaguar versions, and from my experience, the Jaguar one was the best. The framerate consistently higher, and it kept all of the content intact.

Still, in the end, as much as I enjoyed playing Flashback as a kid, my favorite game in the genre is still Out of This World/Another World.

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actinide2k9 said:

Yeah that's it :D Awesome! Now I can die in peace


Glad you found it out

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yukib1t said:

Out of This World/Another World.

I was gonna mention that.
But nowadays, if I can watch someone else play a game on youtube, and the gameplay is essentially a long sequence with little variation on each replay, there's little reason to buy/own it/play myself. Out of this world is artistic and cool, but the gameplay is trial/error/ not skill oriented. Like I can watch someone else play tetris and still want to play it myself because accumulated randomness makes each replay different and you have to make unique impromptu decisions on every tick, rather than memorize a sequence.
Old prince of persias are kinda similar too I guess.

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That's true for most of these games. Same goes for point & click adventures. I got Limbo which is pretty much in the same vein, played through it once and never felt compelled to play it again since. Same with Telltale's Walking Dead game, as sadly it didn't branch out as much as I had hoped plot-wise.

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