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Please help me identifying this music from Castlevania

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I didn't succeed to find the "Identify this midi thread" that I've seen at Doomworld months ago, so I created a new thread.

If you don't mind downloading a big file, take a look at this song:
( 5.5 MB, .mp3 )

It was used in Destruction Carnival game from 1997 (I recorded it while playing the game). But as far as I know, all the game's music is ripped. The credits screen of Destruction Carnival says that the game uses music from these resources:

Axelay, Castlevania Series, F-Zero, Ghost in the Shell, Gradius 3, Killer Instinct, Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden Series, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Space Harrier, Super Metroid

Even having all these info, I wasn't able to find the music. So my questions:
1. Where is this music from?
2. Where do I find a download to it in a midi form?
3. If I'll get answers on the previous two questions, is there going to be a problem with copyright if I wanted to put the track in a map?

EDIT: So thanks to Memfis now I know it originates from Castlevania. Anyway the track I'm looking for is a different one from that Memfis posted. Anyone recognizes it?

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scifista42 said:

I didn't succeed to find the "Identify this midi thread" that I've seen at Doomworld months ago

This one?

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Yes, although I was convinced it wasn't specifically about "Doom songs" (by the thread title). So I'd probably not posted in there either way.

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Memfis said:

Thanks a lot, but that is actually a different version of the track, which is in Destruction Carnival too, in other level. The one I recorded starts differently (the .mp3 I enclosed starts exactly where the song starts) and parts of the melody are different too. Anyway, at least now I know which game to examine, and if I don't find the version I want, I'll use this one. So huge thanks, Memfis :)

Anyone knows about that other version?

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Just to mention it here (if anyone else will ever look for it), I found the music, and yes Memfis, it was Simon's Theme, but not the one you posted in the video. I finally found the right remix here (in the Super Castlevania IV section, the third "Theme of Simon"). Thanks anyway.

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I suppose that would sound more like this:

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