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This is what I thought the Doom Movie was gonna be

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geo said:

Or do people just like the hot chick lead?

I've no doubt Milla Jovovich's appeal shifts a certain amount of cinema tickets and DVDs. But then, Doom had Rosamund Pike, so I guess even having an attractive woman star or co-star isn't going to save your movie.

The Resident Evil movies appear to be melting pots of stupid ideas that were thrown out of other action movie scripts - ideas that were just too goofy and absurd to pull off in any other fictional world. I suppose this is what people like about them.

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Co star means nothing. Anyway...., as awesome as that 4 minute movie is I'm not sure it would have helped Doom to be FPS. I think it would totally throw people off if not make them sick.

And also speaking of FPS its weird how certain FPS are excessively bobby. I know when I run it doesn't feel bobby. But that's a topic for its own thread.

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