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Who`s the third Anti-Christ?

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JavaGuy said:

Me finding the Douglas Adams books was a big thing of fate, since I'd never heard of him over here in NJ. I'm glad I did, because my outlook on life has been a whole lot more positive than before. However, I was upset when all the main characters died in the last book.

They did???
Never read the last book (glad I didn't, now that I hear that they die in it) - after The Resturant at the End of The Universe, the stories just got kinda lousy imho - especially after Zaphod Beeblebrox went out of the story.
No, I only like the two first books.

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fodders said:

deep thought on 42 the tower with 42 on it, was it "Tower 42"?

Hmm can't tell since I only saw it from afar - never got as close as to see it from that perspective on the pic. However, the colour of the tower seem to fit my memory of it, so it could very well be it.

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