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How did the world allow lcd's to take gamers a step backwards and away from CRTs?

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I used a Trinitron and a Viewsonic VX724 side by side for a few years. (The VX724 is a earlyish gaming LCD that did 1280x1024@75Hz.) Definitely don't miss having that thing taking up half my desk and now run triple head IPS (NEC 2090UXi). Unfortunately these only do 60Hz, but I can live with that trade off considering I can use the extra desk space to dock my laptop.

Holering said:

Funny I've never had dead pixels in any LCD I've seen.

I've only seen dead pixels in cheap LCDs. In fact if what I read is correct, you're almost guaranteed panel issues with cheap displays since the panels are binned. Grade "A" panels are typically found in business grade laptops and other high end displays and should be flawless. (Note that flawless doesn't mean the panel technology is any good. For example, the average 14" business grade laptop has a nearly zero contrast ratio, but at least there's no dead pixels right?)

fraggle said:

I agree with boris that you get what you pay for. I remember using a cheap POS CRT screen where the screen size was dependent on how bright its contents were. Thing would literally, visibly bounce in and out when you alt-tabbed between windows. At least even cheap LCDs don't suffer from that kind of bullshit.

But now we get to deal with colors shifting because the back light on cheap LCDs adjust to screen contents in order to boost the contrast ratio for marketing. ;)

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