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40oz's Post-Wedding CTF Party!

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Did this happen? I couldn't find the server sadly so unfortunately I couldn't join. Hope it was good though, would you be willing to play more CTF sometime in the future? Also, I was going to produce a map for you as a sort of gift but the layout was really awful and I couldn't find an Odamex config.

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Hahaha its okay. We handled this real sloppy. We had a hard time getting the server set up because odasrv.exe kept crashing every ten minutes or so on my cousins computer, so we switched the server over to a different computer, forgot to forward ports so nobody could connect, had to figure that out, IP address was different and didn't make time to update this thread; we really didn't get started until around 6:30PM and even then we were still having problems. We eventually just set up and LAN and played together. I'm glad I didn't make a news post about this because it was pretty poorly done and people would have had to keep reconnecting and stuff. Sorry everyone who wanted to play and we wasted your time :V

In the future I'd probably need to get some help so we have something a little more stable. We had a blast together though and if we can work out the kinks or get someone to help us out I'd love to play more CTF. It was a ton of fun.

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40oz. Congrats on the marriage thing. You guys rock. IF you make your marriage as interesting as you make your maps, you guys will be fine forever.

Love your work, and all the best.

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