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What was your first pc game, handheld game and console game.

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First PC game I believe was either Snake or Gorillas. I really can't remember what the computer was, I believe a Tandy 1000, but we didn't have it for long. We upgraded to a monster Tandy 3100 486 with 4 megs of RAM, and I think the first game I got on that was Curse of the Catacombs, but it might have been The 7th Guest.

First console games were Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 for the NES.

First handheld game was Sonic 2 for the Gamegear. I believe I got Mortal Kombat with it as well.

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First PC game I remember playing would've been either Captain Comic, Crystal Caves and Duke Nukem 2D. First PC game that was given to me exclusively would've been Final Doom.

First handheld game played would've been Super Mario Land, but Donkey Kong Land was the first one I owned, which came along with a fat green Game Boy.

First console game I played would've been a Sega, I cannot remember what in particular since I was pretty young, but first one I do remember being given was Yoshi's Island along with the SNES console.

Good times.

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On PC I remember Lotus 3, Keen 4, Supaplex, Scorched Earth, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom 2 being the first games I've played on my cousin's machine. When I got my own it came with a bunch of warezed games, Redneck Rampage, DN3D Atomic Edition, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, Network Q RAC Rally Championship among others, but the first one I've played was Supaplex again.

On the Pegasus my friend had a 999 in 1 cart , but I think the first one I've played was either Tank or Contra.

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Pacman for Atari
Tetris unless you count Tiger games
Doom 2

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Krispy said:

Consoles are for losers.

Computers are for nerds.


Console: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
Handheld: Shitty Tiger Sonic 2. I also had Tetris for the Game Boy but no Game Boy for years...apparently my brother owned one at some point but I don't remember.
PC: Whatever came with Windows 98. The first PC game I bought was Half-Life.

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Console: First game ever was the PSX port of Doom, no jokes.

I have never had a handheld game, unless you count that crappy "Snake" game where you play as the increasing black pixel worm on those old black pixel phones.

PC: Sonic... For some reason.

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First PC game:

Hard to say, [Shareware] Doom, Wolf3d, Blake Stone, Mystic Towers, Keen 4, and One Must Fall all sort of occupy that blur, I was about 3 when I started. I had a nice pile of shareware games growing up.

First portable game:

Pokemon Red

First Console game:

probably super mario all stars for SNES

First one I bought was probably Banjo / Kazooie for the N64

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PC: Milly's Math House or Backyard Baseball 2003. First I bought myself was Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight
Console: ATV Offroad Fury (PS2; It was actually a very long time before we had a console in our house, much less games). First I bought myself was, uh, Star Wars Super Bombad Racing
Handheld: Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadrons for PSP

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Answering the question literally:

PC - Tetris
Handheld - some Tiger handheld, can't remember which
Console - Combat for the VCS.

Answering the question figuratively:

Computer - Oregon Trail for the Apple II.
Portable - The Coleco Pac-Man mini arcade.
Console - Same as above.

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First ones I played I can't remember, to be honest. I was introduced to the PC as a gaming device by my Dad within my first 3 years of life and the SNES was my first console experience round an aunt's place when I was 7 or so. My brother and I were later given it as they decided we'd get more out of it than them as they had no kids at the time.

First games I actually owned myself (for my own PC, hand held and console were):

PC - Age of Empires II

I didn't buy this, but a mate at primary school gave it to me, so it was the first game I had access to that wasn't owned by my Dad or explicitly bought for the family. Obviously with the multiplayer being a big draw it was shared quite a bit. I think my youngest brother still has the disk now.

Console - Joint 1st between 007: Nightfire and GTA: Vice City (both PS2)

A couple of years into that console generation I decided that the PC port of GTA 3 (which we didn't own legitimately, as I remember it) didn't measure up to playing it on a mate's PS2. The Nintendo 64 my brother had (and we both played) was getting pretty tired and we were both looking to get new things, so I got a PS2 that Christmas and he got a Gamecube. These were the two games I got with my first (and only) Sony console, which was handed down to my youngest brother and he's been using it as a stand for his Xbox 360 for the last few years, only to get rid of it in order to clear space for his new PS4. The fate of the PS2 and what remains of the game collection is unclear, but it probably involves a charity shop.

Handheld - Pokémon Red (played on a Gameboy Pocket and a Gameboy-to-SNES converter cartridge, originally)

Yep, I was about that age and joined in the hype. That converter cartridge was originally used for Zelda: A Link to the Past, I believe. My brother had Blue and we got Gameboy Pocket hand helds because they were cheap and meant we could do battle and trade over a link cable. I left Pokémon behind after Gold (and subsequently stopped using the Gameboy Colour I had around then too), although was given a ROM of FireRed recently-ish that I got some joy out of. As with all things illegal though, I didn't get the best experience. In this instance, the lack of a chip found in Gameboy cartridges (and not emulated in the ROM or emulator) meant that the in-game save system didn't work and you couldn't play beyond beating the Pokémon League. I think the game is still in my Dad's house somewhere. If so, my brother will have it in a pile of dust and unused stuff.

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