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An Idiot COD player calls S.W.A.T. Team on rival as revenge for beating him.

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In general even the most vicious-looking and well-armored police forces are total chickenshit when they have to confront an opponent that can and will actually fight back, like, you know, actual gangsters and desperados. Their highly-visible, flashy and intimidating way of operating is meant to make them appear more as "shock troops" to law-abiding citizens ("See what will happen if you're not a good citizen? The King's Black Guards will come for you!"), rather than actually mowing down "bad guys".

If they really wanted to crack down on crime they could use special ops guys from the army and do everything with relative discretion. Deploying teams of black kevlar-clad berserkers at the drop of a hat and without ANY planning or intelligence, OTOH....let's see, would they send them in so eagerly and with that attitude inside a hostile gang's territory, or then they would all just become sniper-pickings?

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