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New Call of Duty game.

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Belial said:

I've only played CoD:MW2. Now that I've played Arma 3, CoD type 'realism' makes me laugh.

BTW, don't believe that Arma is hard to get into. Missions that don't require commanding a squad were only hard for the first 2-3 days of playing, before I unlearned all the crap FPS games taught me about cover and aiming. Once you're past that it's a very intense and satisfying gaming experience.

arma is based on the VBS military simulator technology which is used worldwide to actually train military soldiers and even cops in some regions. so the realism is altered to gamers level but it should still be more real then anny other military shooter in existence.

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Yeah I know. At work some company was doing a presentation of their VBS-based software for training train operators, truck drivers etc. It's a very versatile engine.

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