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  1. 1. Marijuana:

    • I smelled some smoke once, that\'s it
    • I do weed/hash at least once a month
    • Coco puffs every weekend!
    • used to smoke it, now i\'m sober.
    • Weed is for weaklings, heroin is where it\'s at!
    • Drugs Are Bad!

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That surely depends of the cigar in question. Their taste are actually quite varied.

Some are real stinkers that leaves your whole respiratory systen retching.

Others have almost no taste at all, besides the smoke.

Then there are the real good ones who have this nice mellow taste if you don't smoke it too quickly and are able to keep a decent light on them. There really should be a good hint of the aromatic tobacco leaves they are made of. Just as a good whisky should taste like the malt it's produced of.

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There's a cheap one that's fairly OK which goes by the name Apostelado, but I don't know if it's sold outside Europe.

Otherwise I really don't remember the brands. My memory is kinda short for such things.

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Nothin' quite like a beer in one hand, a Hamlet cigar in the other, and NIN blazing thru the speakers.

Well, maybe a spliff instead...

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Dunno, I'd rather spend my time in something productive. But that's just my way of wasting free time.

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