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what's your favorite?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. what's your favorite?

    • fist
    • pistol
    • shotgun
    • Super shotgun
    • chaingun
    • plasma rifle
    • bfg9000
    • chainsaw!!
    • Rocket Launcher

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Am I the first one to ask why the rocket launcher isn't on this poll?

Anyway, pistol for me.

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We'll call it the Super Shotgun and I added the Rocket Launcher to the poll to keep certain Canadians happy :P

BTW I can't choose today, I'll probably go boomstick tomorrow

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Ichor said:

Rockets are fun when you have a crowd of human enemies, especially on a high and narrow ledge. Those that aren't turned into smudges on the wall or gooey paste are sent flying halfway across the room. Try to hit an enemy near the back so that more will fly off, heheh. It can be done with imps, but they don't seem to go quite as far.

That's what the SSG's for...plus, load up Legacy, and you can shoot the fuckers upward! :D

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1.Super Shotgun
2.Plasma Rifle

Ultimate Carnage...

I like the Berserk Fist too :P

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